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FIRST DIGITAL PUBLISHER IN BALKAN REGION As a result of the falling popularity of the printed editions, due to increasing number of owners of tablets and smartphones on the local market, in the year 2009 appeared a logical need for the publishing company which would deal with these specialized, fast-growing segment of publishing.
FREE&ONLINE Under the slogan GoGreen: Free&Online, Gdt Publishing launches the Serije+ magazine, first commercial digital magazine in region, and shortly after that the Cinema+ magazine. Dedicated to pop culture of the West, these magazines have very quickly won the trust of global TV giants such as the Universal Channel, SyFy, Fox International Company etc.

Continuing the same strategy, Gdt Publishing expands the range of its publications and launches the magazine Realno!, dedicated to various reality TV shows (with the E! Entertainment Channel as strategic partner), as well as the magazine BestFood (whose strategic partner is the 24Kitchen Channel). Gdt Publishing also collaborates with Ms Sanja Marinković, prestigious TV host, by publishing the online edition of her extremely popular TV show Magazin IN.

As a logical continuance of this activity, Gdt Publishing launches portal, where you can find their own online editions, as well as those issued by other online publishers.