MÅNS ZELMERLÖW: Perfectly damaged hero

MÅNS ZELMERLÖW: Perfectly damaged hero

We are sure that you are not going to miss Måns’s concert in Copenhagen, October 26 at 19:00 in Store Vega. As a little warming for this great music event, read this interview from PopCulture Magazine No.1, now available on your iPad and Android gadgets.

By Marin Milosavljevic

Q: I know you’ve heard this so many times, but I’ve never had the chance to say it – congratulations on winning the Eurovision and thank you for taking time for this interview. Tell me, what is the sound of victory?

A: I’ve never felt that before. People were in love with the performance and the song… It feels incredible, it sounds incredible!

Q: The song Heroes was a great bust for international fame – musical competitions are something that you participated in the past, but have you believed that the Eurovision Song Contest is the one that will make you a “hero” of pop music?

A: I really couldn’t anticipate the victory! I did think that Heroes is a great song for Eurovision SC, but I tried not to focus on winning as much as on participating. Yet, it happened.

Q: Heroes is not only a great song, but it is also visually powerful, positive energy-filled performance. How did that come out?

A: The creators of performance are Fredrik Rydman and David Nordström. I came to them asking for a new effect, something that hadn’t been seen before. After telling the guys some stories of my life, they liked one in particular. Actually, I am the stick-man from that performance. In school, I was bullied by the guy in my group of friends. From being part of something, at the end I was left out. But during a summer break, I started playing tennis with a new guy and we became friends. The next semester, he started in my class and he made my friends come back to me. The number is about that.


Q: The album you released after winning definitely brings the sounds of Heroes song, but we also recognize the influence of the music you’ve previously created. How would you describe the album Perfectly Damaged?

A: Album is a mix of organic musicianship of the Barcelona sessions with electronic influence of Heroes. I hope that my music fans before winning the Eurovision Song Contest are not disappointed as well as those who started listening to me after Eurovision Song Contest.  I believe they like the album.

Q: If I am well informed, these days you’re making a video for the song Should’ve gone home. When can we expect it and what can we expect from it?

A: Pretty soon – from about two weeks from now, which probably means immediately after the publishing of your magazine. The video is great! Crazy! I sang some part of the song in revearse, which was s real challenge and quite exhausting. I am sure my fans will like it!

Q: Your popularity in Sweden is somethingcal logical, but your strong connection with international fans seems incredible!

A: (laugh) I don’t know, it simply happened. I try to keep in touch with them in any way and I am honest in that. I think they feel it.

Q: Your tour through Europe starts In September – London, Paris, Copenhagen, Prague are only a few of the cities where you will perform. The schedule looks very exhausting, sometimes you change  countries in which you perform day by day. How do you prepare?

A: I don’t see going from a city to a city as such a big problem as keeping my voice during the tour. That’s why I’m trying not to yell or scream as much as possible these days. (laugh)

Q: What is the set list for the upcoming tour – the focus is on the new album, but are you also going to sing your older songs?

A: Yes, there will be old songs. The new album is in the center of attention, but there will be old  songs too, possibly in the form of mixes. We are considering the possibility of having one special song from city to city. It would be interesting.

Q: You are also the chairman of Zelmerlöw&Björkman Foundation. Tell me more about that, please.

A: Zelmerlöw&Björkman Foundation is working for a better world for vulnerable children and young people. We want to create opportunities for children and young people to develop their inner drive. I spent a lot of time in Africa and ever time I come back…the energy I get from working in this foundation is unique.

Q: So, with music and humanitarian work you make others happy, but where does Måns find happiness these days?

A: I am pleased very often. (laugh) Making me happy is not really complicated. Walking a dog, spending occasional moments alone… All that feels so good at the moment.

Q: I hear that your daily habits include five-minute shower each morning. So, is cold shower your recipe for success?

A: It is very difficult for me to wake up in the morning! This is where this urban legend with a five-minute shower comes from (laughs). As for the recipe for success … I’m not sure I have it. We just need to do things from our heart!

Q: Thank you very much, Måns, and I look forward to your Copenhagen performance in October!

A: Looking forward to seeing you all there!


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