30 OCT – 1 NOV: Comic Con Gamex Stockholm

30 OCT – 1 NOV: Comic Con Gamex Stockholm

If you haven’t done it so far, this is your last chance to pack your backpack and buy a ticket to Stockholm – Comic Con Gamex Stockholm have just started!

So what can you see in those three days dedicated solely to popculture and geeks? We got exciting announcements for you!

• “Vikings” star Clive Standen will attend Q&A panels, as well as sign autographs and offer photo opportunities in the “Talent Signing” area.


• Meet Game of Thrones actors Ian Beattie and Ian McElhinney, who will participate in Q&A panels, signings and photo shoots.

• World renowned cosplayer Yaya Han will attend Q&A panels, signings and photo shoots, and is one of the judges of the World Cosplay Summit.

• Meet & greet with several popular YouTubers like Clary Henry, Tejbz and JustWantToBeCool.

• Experience the DC Comics booth and meet DC Comics cartoonist Bob Layton.

bob layton - dc

• See one of the world’s most famous voice actors Maile Flanagan, known among other things for voicing the character Mother Aardvark in Ice Age.

• Meet Dan Pinchbeck, creative director and founder of the British game studio The Chinese Room. The Chinese Room is the studio behind, among other things, the innovative and praised game “Dear Esther”. Dan talks about the process behind his latest game “Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture“ that was released in August on the PS4.

• Qualifying rounds for the World Cosplay Summit 2016 (sponsored by Complete) and the Cosplay Championship 2017

• Test upcoming games such as Star Wars Battlefront, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Dark Souls 3, The Division, Hitman, Deus Ex.

• Meet Arild Midthun, the Nordic region’s leading and most prolific Donald Duck cartoonist.

donald duck - Arild Midthun

• Q&A at the Royal Fury panel with several of the actors and the producer Linus Andersson.

• Artist Alley, with over 30 individual creators in comics and fantasy.

• Comic Village with over 10 series by publishers such as Egmont Publishing, Bonnier Carlsen, Apart Publishers, and others.

• Game Developer Area with over 14 Swedish gaming companies.

•Ask a knowledgeable staff about the phenomenon of e-sports in E-sports zone. In a Super Mega Viewing Party, the visitor can get answers on how computer games are actually made, watch pro matches and compete for great prizes in daily tournaments such as Guitar Hero Live and Heartstone.

For more information about Comic Com Gamex Stockholm, please visit official web site.